Creating your own plugins

Published Wed 11 Aug, 22:05 by rjmoerland in General

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Sections and keywords

Each dct plug-in contains sections that instruct Disk Cleaner to remove registry items or
files on disk. Right now, there are only three available sections. These are 'info',
'registry' and 'files'.

The info section

The 'info' section is obligatory in every plug-in. The other two are optional. To start a
section, enclose it in square brackets, like [info]. The exact location of each section within
the file is of no importance, but it should start on a new line. In the [info] section, you
must specify two things, the Title of the plug-in and a Description. The description is shown
when a user clicks the ? button in version 1.5.7 and lower. In version 1.6 this has changed,
the description is now always displayed on the same line as the plug-in title.

This could look like this if opened in notepad:

Title=My plug-in title
Description=My first hand-made plug-in that currently does nothing...

Note that the keywords (Title and Description) as well as the section names are not case
sensitive (i.e. [Info] is the same as [INFO] or [infO]). Don't leave spaces between the '='.

Since version 1.7 one can optionally specify to check if an application is still running, and warn the user that it should be closed for optimal cleaning. Then, there are two additional entries needed in the [info] section. These are process and application. The process entry is the name of the process that could be running, the application entry is the name of the application as it is shown to the user. Example:

Title=Feedreader Cache
Description=Clears Feedreader's cache of read articles